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Comfort Care Medical Marijuana Physicians specialize in providing support to patients whose conditions and treatment needs require a different and innovative approach to symptom management, pain control, and overall quality-of-life improvement.  The healing properties of medical cannabis have been proven to offer relief from a variety of unpleasant symptoms, as well as ease the burden of the uncomfortable side-effects experienced by patients undergoing particularly difficult treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Getting started is easy. The application and approval process for receiving a recommendation for a Florida medical marijuana card is simple…

Step 1:  Register For A Free Pre-Screening

Pre-screenings are completely free of charge and will provide you with important information about how a Comfort Care physician would be able to address your specific condition.

Step 2:  Schedule an Appointment 

If medical marijuana is considered a potentially viable treatment option during the pre-screening, you will be asked to schedule your first official appointment with a Comfort Care doctor. No referral is necessary from another doctor.


Step 3:  Complete Your In-Person Exam & Receive Your MMJ Recommendation

Be sure to bring a photo I.D. (e.g. a driver’s license). While you do not need a referral from another doctor, bringing any medical records documenting your diagnosis and treatment history to your appointment is helpful.

When you meet with a Comfort Care physician, you will be discussing your diagnosis, symptoms, current or past treatments, and your options for medical marijuana treatment.


Step 4:  Submit MMJ Registration With The State of Florida

If a Comfort Care physician determines medical marijuana to be a practical treatment option, you will be registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by our clinic. This certifies your right to obtain medical cannabis and provides you with your medical marijuana recommendation.

You will be sent an official medical marijuana card in the mail from the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, although you are not required to physically possess this card while visiting the dispensary. You may use you Photo ID in lieu of you card until you receive it via US Mail Service.

Step 5:  Visit Florida’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries As Needed

After registration and receiving as your recommendation, you’re free to visit any of Florida’s certified medical cannabis dispensaries.  Be sure to bring along your recommendation as well as your state ID to the dispensary of your choice.  Additionally, if you are either unable or unwilling to travel, there are a variety of tax-free delivery options offered by Florida cannabis dispensaries–many of which are free.

Step 6:  Periodic Follow-up Appointments

Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments to renew your Compassionate Care registration and update your eligibility as needed. 

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